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Glaucoma surgery

When medicines and laser surgeries do not lower eye pressure adequately, doctors may recommend a procedure called filtering microsurgery (sometimes called conventional or cutting surgery). If medications do not control eye pressure, or if they create intolerable side effects, surgery may be necessary in a small percentage of people with glaucoma. The standard procedures are usually one of the...

Glaucoma Laser treatment

Depending in the type of procedure, laser surgery may be used for open-angle, angle-closure or neovascular glaucoma. A laser is directed toward the trabecular meshwork, the iris, ciliary body or the retina and is used in various ways to reduce eye pressure. Laser surgery is performed on an outpatient basis in an eye doctor’s office or clinic after the eye has been...

Eye drops

Glaucoma treatment often starts with medicated eyedrops. Be sure to use the drops exactly as prescribed. Otherwise, your optic nerve damage could get even worse. If your doctor prescribes more than one type of eyedrop, make sure to ask how long to wait between applications. Because some of the eyedrops are absorbed into your bloodstream, you may experience side effects unrelated to your eyes. To...
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